Day 6: Reflecting on Huge Strides at Lewa

It’s our last day at Lewa and we must say our goodbyes.  It’s been a highly productive week with the team.  We’ve made strides in our chronic disease program by providing education on various disease topics as well as hiring our community health worker who began collecting data on patients.  The clinic now has skills in running cervical cancer outreaches and more knowledge on women’s health.  We’ve begun the optometry program whereby the clinical officers will begin a weekly eye clinic and provide eyeglasses to their community.  And we introduced the concept that nutrition is medicine and demonstrated how it can support the chronic disease program. 

During our last moments in the open meeting space, the same area we’d used all week for teaching, the Lewa team said lovely things to us in their final remarks. 

We of course responded with our own words of gratitude for welcoming us into their clinic and for being so receptive to the program we’d put together. 

It was a joint effort to achieve what we had in the last 4 days and it was important that they knew we appreciated their commitment to making the week a meaningful one.

But now it was time to say goodbye.  So each member of the Naweza team was asked to go up one by one to receive a personal note and gift from their partner that they’d worked with during the week.

Next stop … Fluorspar!

On our way to Fluorspar

On our way to Fluorspar

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- Stacy