• Stacy Francis (Lead)
  • Dr. James Aw (Noncommunicable Diseases and Primary Care)
  • Dr. Michael Hawkes (Pediatrics & Infectious Diseases)
  • Dr. Sidiqa Rajani (Optometry)
  • Dr. Rajiv Singal (Urology)
  • Vanessa Churchill (RN, Community Health Worker Program)
  • Jennifer Mannik (Medical Protocol and Program Development)


  • Review the results to date of the Chronic Disease program
  • Provide training to clinic staff in chronic disease and other requested topics
  • Review Complex Care Cases and collaborate with clinic team on treatment plan
  • Provide educational materials and training to Community Health Workers
  • Assess viability of third site partnership with Kambuga District Hospital in Uganda
  • Develop relationships in Uganda through surgical and chronic disease training