1. WHAT IS THE Challenge?

Overprescription of Anti-biotics - As previously mentioned, both clinics are over-prescribing antibiotics to both children and adults. Not only will antibiotics not be helpful in viral illnesses, but they can be harmful by increasing antibiotic resistance in an individual and the population as a whole. For patients who insist on receiving a prescription, placebo-type medications such as multivitamins should be given. Paracetamol can also be given where fever is present.

Hygiene - Our team also noted that hygiene needs to take a greater priority to reduce spread of infections. Due to lack of clean running water in some areas of the clinic, as well as on outreach, hand sanitizer should be available inside every exam room as well as at the front of the clinic for patients walking in. Wall-mounted dispensers make sure that bottles are not misplaced, and ordering and refilling sanitizer should be a regular process. Proper cleaning of instruments such as stethoscopes and otolaryngoscopes is also important and should be done after every patient.